About us

Company Overview

TDS Projects Construction is an established multidisciplinary engineering service provider founded in 2011. TDS Projects Construction is wholly owned by its management, who work daily towards upholding the company’s values through a solutions driven management style. Our management team is comprised of long standing professionals in the mining industry, each contributing a wealth of unique resources, experience, skills and knowledge in their areas of expertise.

With ISO 9001:2015 accreditation and registered as a CIDB 8 contractor, our business strategy is to deliver unique solutions to unique challenges and meet project objectives on time and within budget. With a current staff compliment of 200, our operating model is one of having a base load of critical permanent staff and to ramp this up with suitable fixed term additional resources as and when required.

Our Mission

To contribute meaningfully to the development of the economy and the industries in which we participate by providing innovative, cost effective construction solutions while creating industry leading processes enabling exponential value-generating opportunities.

Our Vision

TDS Projects Construction aspires to be Africa’s leading Construction House and your respected Construction partner of choice.

Our Values

TDS Projects Construction is committed to corporate governance of the highest standard driven by integrity, fairness, honesty, accountability and transparency in all of our business dealings.

Our Accreditation

TDS Projects Construction is registered as a CIDB 8 contractor and is registered for the following designations:
  • ME: Mechanical Engineering, Grade 6
  • CE: Civil Engineering, Grade 6
  • SL: Structural Engineering, Grade 6
Our CRS number is 10021872.

Our Approach

The South African economy is constantly under pressure to generate growth and diversification. Our clients require experienced, cost effective service providers who can deliver their projects on time and within budget. Our top priority is to respond to these needs with relevant solutions, delivering in every sphere and never compromising on quality or our excellent safety record.
We endeavor to provide clients with a complete structured package that delivers cost efficiency, performance and perfection from proposal to commissioning. TDS Projects Construction gives special attention to both the immediate and future needs of our clients and we strive to provide technical and commercial innovation that unlocks superior economic value for our clients.
As experts in our field we assist clients in:

Unique methods of executing construction processes and projects
Accurate scheduling and time estimates compiled with many years of experience
Tackling on-site issues that arise with speed and effectiveness
We choose to tackle problems that arise in consultation with our clients rather than ignoring them.

We do not operate merely as “contractors”. Instead we seek opportunities provide insight and assistance to the project teams with which we work. We can offer a full turnkey solution or tailor-make a specific offering to meet with your exact requirements. TDS Projects Construction is competent in executing wide-scoped construction projects in underground conditions in the field of ground handling or shaft equipping infrastructure.

Our Commitment to Empowerment and Upliftment


Black Owned
BBBEE Level 4 Contributor

TDS Projects Construction is fully committed to the transformation of South African business, in particular the industry in which we participate. We recognise that, as a responsible business, we have a unique role to play in the empowerment of civil society as whole and act as a catalyst for change for those communities which have been historically disadvantaged. TDS Projects Construction is an equal opportunities employer.

We are striving to improve our status through:

  • Investing in development and empowerment projects that embrace the diversity of South Africa50%
  • Improving on being a socially responsible organisation60%
  • Involving ourselves in the reduction of poverty and social problems70%
  • Developing and uplifting communities surrounding our operations80%
  • Emphasising our core values90%

TDS Occupational Health Initiative

TDS Projects Construction launched an employee occupational health benefits program for our staff in 2016. The initiative, administered by OCSACare, aims to help support employee wellness for TDS Projects Construction employees working on sites in remote areas. We recognise that lack of access to adequate healthcare affects our employees’ ability to perform. Through this program, our employees have access to respectable basic medical care and can prevent and manage sickness and disease timeously. TDS Projects Construction contributes fully to OCSACare’s program on behalf of all their employees.

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