TDS Projects Construction

TDS Projects Construction is a multidisciplinary engineering service provider specialising in mining construction. Our proven track record and portfolio of completed projects demonstrates our ability to deliver the construction of a broad range of mining infrastructure including ground handling, materials handling, pipeline, and underground infrastructure that is fully compliant to the specifications and requirements of any mining operation.

We are registered as a CIDB 8 contractor and are led by a management team with extensive experience in the fields of mining and civil construction. Our industry accreditation coupled with our solutions driven management systems and procedures allows specialist, professional engineering and civil construction services to be undertaken in a timely and professional manner.

Our Services

Ground handling infrastructure fabrication & construction

Materials handling design, fabrication & construction

Construction of surface & underground pipeline systems

Underground infrastructure construction

Our Commitment to Empowerment and Upliftment

TDS Projects Construction is fully committed to the transformation of South African business, in particular the industry in which we participate. We recognise that, as a responsible business, we have a unique role to play in the empowerment of civil society as whole and act as a catalyst for change for those communities which have been historically disadvantaged.

We are striving to improve our status through:

  • Investing in development and empowerment projects that embrace the diversity of South Africa50%
  • Improving on being a socially responsible organisation60%
  • Involving ourselves in the reduction of poverty and social problems70%
  • Developing and uplifting communities surrounding our operations80%
  • Emphasising our core values90%

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