TDS Projects Northern Cape

TDS Projects Northern Cape is a multidisciplinary engineering and construction service provider offering engineering manufacturing and construction, draughting and quantity surveying services.

TDS Projects Northern Cape has an experienced management team who work with our staff to continually produce innovation in construction while remaining committed to required deadlines. This is evident in our quality track record and excellent safety record.

Our Capabilities

Civil, Structural and Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Control & Instrumentation
Engineering Design
Drafting Services

Shop Detailing
Procurement Services

Construction & Project Management

Fabrication & Construction (Surface & Underground)

Our Commitment to Empowerment & Upliftment

TDS Projects Northern Cape is a division of TDS Projects Construction. TDS Projects Construction is a BBBEE Level 6 Contributor with 26% black ownership. As responsible business, TDS Northern Cape recognises the vital role that we play in the empowerment of our employees and the communities in which we operate. In September 2016, TDS Projects Construction launched an employee occupational health benefits program aimed at improving the lives of their staff working in the Northern Cape. The initiative, administered by OCSACare, aims to help support employee wellness for TDS employees working on sites in remote areas.
Evidence shows that workplace health programs can be highly effective in promoting healthy behaviours and ensuring employers offer South Africans a healthy and safe working environment. With OCSACare the aim for our staff is to obtain access to respectable basic medical care, prevent and manage sickness and disease timeously, provide access to local medical service providers in remote areas thereby eliminating the additional travel costs, and achieving an improved work-life balance. TDS contributes fully to OCSACare’s program on behalf of their employees.

Our Objectives

TDS Northern Cape aims to deliver a quality product in every in every project we undertake, to consistently meet client requirements, exceed expectation in service delivery and to create new platforms for adding value.

TDS Projects Northern Cape Driving Force

Our connection to Thuthukani Engineering Solutions and SFS Steel Fabrication affords us the opportunity for expert skills transfer to enhance the TDS Northern Cape offering in construction and all associated field in which we operate.

This skills transfer results in:
  - Uplifting the local communities in our area of operation by increasing skills and knowledge.
  - Empowering the local communities in which we operate through economic participation.

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